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Twist is your ultimate, flexible display stand for exhibitions, conferences and POS, allowing you to create various configurations for any indoor event or space. From a single banner through to large modular stands, the Twist range has the ability and versatility to fulfill any number of exhibition and display requirements, proving that this UK designed and manufactured product is still one of the most flexible, portable, modular exhibition display systems in the world.

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    How to use Twist

    The complete video collection for assembling and dismantling the Twist display range; 3 Panel Kit, Original, Media, Single Hardcase Conversion, Easi-link, Flexi-link, Hardcase and aligning graphics.

  • Create your own layout.

    Twist 3 Panel Kit

    The 3 Panel Kit is a flexible display system that has the ability to create and recreate virtually any shape you require without having to change hardware or graphics.

  • Create your own layout.

    Twist Original

    Extremely stable and simple to erect, the Twist Original is the foundation for the display range. Its versatility means that it can be configured to suit a wide variety of display requirements.

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    Twist Media

    The Twist Media has been specifically designed to meet the increased demand for the use of audiovisual equipment within a modular exhibition stand. A TFT/LCD screen can be easily integrated using our standard VSEA mount meaning that you can use a conventional monitor/TV.

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    Twist Retail

    The Twist Retail has been designed with stability, affordability and ease of use in mind. Its robust construction using just a single aluminium upright and rolled steel base offers the durability needed for demanding retail environments.

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    Twist Desktop

    A recent addition to the Twist range, the Twist Desktop is perfect for any small event or presentation. With its stable lightweight construction and easy assembly it can be used as a single or double-sided display with the option for lights.

  • Create your own layout.

    Twist Accessories

    Whether it's a case conversion or shelf to display product, our accessory range is designed to meet the ever changing requirements to your exhibition display.