Link 2 Accessories

  • LED-Light-Trans-New-1

    Link 2 LED Light

    Our new innovative LED light fitting has been developed for the ever increasing demand for efficient, low heat lighting which complies with health and safety standards worldwide.

  • Link2 Bag

    Link 2 Carry Bag

    The Link² Graphic Bag is an easy way to transport the Link² roller banner system. It has a black fabric outer covering with carry handle and shoulder strap. For extra protection the inner tube is made from a high density cardboard.

  • Link2 Mag Bars


    The Easi-link is a strong magnetic linking system that allows any Link² banners to be seamlessly joined together.

  • Link2 Flexi Kit


    Designed not only to look different when compared to other exhibition stands, the Flexi-link offers greater flexibility for companies who may not always know what their future stand space requirements are going to be.