Eve Products - Designers & Manufacturers of the Twist, Curve, Link Roller Banner, Connect & Lumos Exhibition/Banner Stand/POS Product Ranges


“In 2003, we released the TWIST system into a market that generally consisted of pop up displays and roller banners. We really believed in our product and with the help and dedication of our trade customers it has become a much sought after product and has helped to revolutionise the portable exhibition industry. 15 years later, we are pleased to announce that in 2018, we will be releasing the TWIST2. We promise you that the TWIST 2 will be far more than just a upgrade. Please watch this space for further details…..”

Founded in 2003 Eve Products has a unique approach in supplying resellers within the exhibition and display industry. Innovative product offering and excellent marketing support material makes us a top suppliers within the industry. Our philosophy in design innovation created the Twist, Curve, Lumos, Connect and Link2 exhibition ranges, which have become sought after products and recognised brands worldwide. Eve Products guarantee high quality, stock level consistency, excellent sales support and provide a full-bespoke service for non-standard short lead-time projects.

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